Lisa Mogensen Chairman and Founder, Travels in Taste. Chief Financial Officer at Forbes Digital:
I have the utmost respect and praise for Meg Barbour, who is an amazing designer. Not only does she listen to exactly what you need and want to accomplish with your design (which happens less times than you think with web designers), she makes your design better than you think possible in terms of form, function and beauty. Plusl her great attitude – she’s a pleasure to work with!

Asmau Ahmed, CEO & Engineer, Plum Perfect:
We were looking to elevate our brand. The Barbour Shop transformed our sites look+feel from run-of-the-mill to truly spectacular.

Michelle Harris, Host and Co-creator, Alive + Well TV; MHM Productions:
Meg Barbour and The Barbour Shop are an incredible resource for our production company. They create designs in-line with our content and do it in a way that represents how we brand our projects. They are always on time and dedicated to the projects we have done together.

Allyson Smith, Vice President, New Media & Business Development, The Jim Henson Company:
I met Meg Barbour on a panel and was immediately impressed by her ambition and passion for all things related to emerging media. As a media leader, Meg remains current on trends, tirelessly pursues leads, and is an amazing connector of people. Her mind is constantly abuzz with creative ideas and potential opportunities, and she has amazing follow-through.

Jane Engelsiepen, Owner / Executive Producer, View Studio View Studio has had the pleasure of working with Meg Barbour for almost 3 years. We first hired Meg to create motion graphics for three commercial spots, and has since been our first choice. Over the years she has contributed to a Discovery Channel title open, various web animations, a Toyota spot, and an MTV music video. Meg is self-producing as an artist, and brings her understanding of the technical and creative processes to her work as a producer.

Guy D. Smith, Dean of The School of Media Arts, Santa Barbara City College:
Quite simply, Ms. Barbour is probably one of the top three students to ever graduate from our program. She is able to conceptualize goals and knows how to create effective strategies to implement them. As a colleague and collaborator, Ms. Barbour exceeds all expectations. I have the highest regard for Ms. Barbour’s professional and personal qualifications. You will absolutely enjoy working with her. SHE DELIVERS!

Elyce Monet, President, Connect The Dots Consulting: In September of 2007, Meg Barbour  was hired by my company to create and produce an animated version of the cosmos for a world-class speaking event. When projected onto the huge screen behind aerial artist Stephan Choiniere, her creation was absolutely breathtaking! The audience was in awe as this aerial performer floated through the universe as it moved and transformed. Meg created an original piece that was just what we wanted. It had effect, color, and the movement that complimented the performer and our show. You couldn’t ask for a better graphic designer and animator. I recommend her highly.

Dolores Keating-Mallen, Vice President, Creative Director, Corus Entertainment Inc. / Television
I first met Meg Barbour in August 2007 when we launched the first English speaking Cosmopolitan TV channel in Canada. Together we created an entire creative platform for the new network. With a very fast turnaround, Stations ids were shot, animated, and composited seamlessly into a comprehensive, on-air ID package.

Meg Barbour remains calm and professional no matter how many challenges get thrown her way.  Don’t miss any opportunity you get to work with Meg, she’s a wonderful addition to any team.

Toni Jannotta, Jazz Vocalist Vocal Instructor:
Meg Barbour is excellent at what she does. She is detailed. She is artistic. She is knowledgeable. She works with great people. And everybody involved in The Barbour Shop is personable and insightful. She and her associates guided me in an internet marketing campaign. At the same time, they educated me in how to use social media to further my presence on the internet. I would call The Barbour Shop ~ Win, Win and then Win Some More. I hope to work with Meg Barbour and The Barbour Shop again soon.